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Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen – the first breed that we support and the one we highly recommend to anyone. You can find information on the breed, read our FAQ section, learn about the potential health problems of these dogs, about canine genetics, the official standard of different clubs that focus on this breed and an article about the colors of their coats.


And here is a video with the world’s most popular dog breeds. The PBGV is not among them, but we’ll get there.

Other Types of Hunting Dogs

The term hunting dog signifies the breed of dogs that assist humans in the task of hunting. Hunters are required to fulfill different sorts of specific tasks during the course of their hunting and they make use of specific breeds of popular hunting dog breeds for these purposes. Each hunting dog breeds has certain skills according to which they can be selected for an appropriate task.

The significant kinds of popular hunting breeds are Hounds, Terriers, Gun Dogs and Curs type Dogs.


Hounds could be further subdivided into sight hounds and scent hounds based on which sense they utilize to spot the prey or target. Hounds majorly target on fur bearing animals such as coyote, raccoon and jackrabbit.

Sight hounds have a tendency to be very independent. They spot their prey from distance and kill them with rapidity.

Scent hounds give a lead to the hunters by following a specific scent. They have a high pitched, booming voice which they make use of while doing their task.


If hunters needs help to hunt mammals, then terriers are best options available open to them. These dogs primarily spot the location of the prey by spotting their den or living space. After spotting they go about the task of killing the prey. Hunters who are being assisted by terriers are well known as terrier men.


Curs hunt in a way that is very similar to terriers. The difference is that curs are involved in bigger hunting games. Cougars, boars, raccoon and large mammals are hunted using curs.

Gun dogs

These types of dogs are utilized for short games. The further classification hunting dog breeds of gun dogs are as follows: Retrievers:

These dogs are skillful in water. Once the hunter shoots the prey and gives his command, these dogs spot them and bring them to the hunter. Ducks and geese are hunted using these dogs.


These dogs have been into hunting practice for years. They locate the birds and scare them to fly so that the hunter gets a perfect angle to shoot them.

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