PBGV Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Club du Griffon Vendéen Standard for the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

General Appearance: Small, lively and vigorous dog, with a very slightly elongated body. Tail proudly carried, rough and long coated without exaggeration. Expressive head, ears well turned, garnished with long hair and attached below the line of the eye, not too long.

Eyes: Rather large and intelligent, without showing the white of the eye. The red of the eyelid should not appear. The hair rising above the upper eyelid coming down forward should not cover the eye.

Ears: Supple, narrow and fine, covered with long hair, ending slightly in an oval, turned inside and not quite reaching the end of the nose. Well attached below the line of the eye.

Skull: Slightly domed, slightly long, not very wide, well cut away from the eyes. Defined stop. Occipital bone rather developed.

Muzzle: Much shorter than the larger Basset, but, nevertheless, very slightly lengthened and square to its extremity. Foreface straight, lips covered with ample whiskers. (DKM’s note: When you see the word foreface which I have chosen for this translation, it is meant to be the top line of the muzzle which is the best translation for the French word chanfrein.)

Nose: Black, developed, opened and very prominent.

Shoulders: Clean, oblique, well fitted close to the body.

Chest: Rather deep, but not too wide.

Ribs: Moderately rounded.

Loins: Straight, muscled, demonstrating strong support.

Croup: Well muscled and rather pronounced.

Tail: Planted high, rather thick at the base, tapering evenly to the end, not very long, carried in a saber blade fashion, furnished with hair more at the end than at the base.

Legs: Rather strong boned, but proportionate to size.

Front Legs: Straight with a good upper arm, pasterns very slightly apparent.

Thighs: Muscled and not very rounded.

Hocks: Rather wide, slightly angulated, never completely straight.

Feet: Not too large, hard pad, toes very tight, toenails strong.

Coat: Hard, but not too long, never silky or woolly: less fringe than the Grand Basset.

Coat Color: Same colors as the Grand Basset (solid colored: darker or lighter shades of tawny color, the coat of hare, grayish white; two-colored: white and orange, white and black, white and gray, white and tan; tricolor: white, black and tan, white, coat of hare and tan, white, gray and tan.) The tawny (fauve) color is never advisable.

Size: From 0.34 meter (13.39 inches) to 0.38 meter (14.96 inches) with a tolerance of 1 centimeter (0.394 inches) under.

Gait: Very free and easy.

Serious Faults: Too long in structure, head too flat, nose leather faded or with unpigmented spots, light eyes, undershot or overshot, snipey muzzle, flat ears badly attached to head, lacking hair; bad topline, crooked or semi-crooked front legs, hocks too angulated or straight, tail too long; insufficient coat, silky or cottony.