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What the RareGems Difference Means to You

Champion Breeding Stock. You’re looking for a family companion, so why should you care that the puppy’s parents are Champions? Because, to become a Champion, a dog must be evaluated by many judges against the Standard of the breed. Achieving a Championship ensures that the dog meets a certain standard of quality.

Extensive Screening Program. All dog breeds are subject to genetic (inherited) health problems. Some breeders say that they don’t need to test “because they don’t have any problems in their lines.” Poppycock. The only way to avoid these problems is through careful, ongoing screening of breeding stock. What the breeder doesn’t know can hurt you.

Written Health Guarantee. We are so confident about the quality of our dogs that we give you a written, unlimited-time guarantee. You wouldn’t buy a kitchen appliance that wasn’t guaranteed. Why should you settle for any less when it comes to your family’s cherished companion.

Puppies Raised in Home Setting. When your new puppy arrives in your home, we want him to know about the hubbub of a household. That’s why we raise the puppies with us, in our home. This also allows us to get to know each puppy’s personality so that he can be placed in a home appropriate to his character.

Top French Bloodlines. By our association with France’s leading breeders, we are able to include the top French show and working lines in our breeding program. Your puppy benefits from these dogs’ outstanding type, intelligence, and solid temperament.

After-Sales Service. Our commitment to your puppy does not end when he’s placed in your home. We are always available to answer your questions or to help you if you have a problem. For your peace of mind when you’re away, we will board your puppy in our home at a nominal cost.

Continuing Education. Every day, veterinary science makes advances and animal behaviorist expand their knowledge. Through studying canine publications and by regularly attending seminars, we keep abreast of these developments so that we can breed better dogs and provide better answers to your questions.