PBGV Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Happy, Healthy, and Show Dogs Too!

Our goal is to make every RareGems PBGV a happy, healthy companion. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t also be a winning show dog. The research and care that goes into every RareGems breeding is designed to produce quality pups, inside and out.

Our breeding program is based on some of the oldest and most successful French bloodlines, going back over 30 years. In 1992, we were only the second PBGV breeder in North America to import stock directly from France, and we are still the only PBGV breeder in Canada to have done so. As we build upon this superior foundation, we add carefully-selected contributions from other top European and North American breeders.

We follow a breeding system called assortative mating, also called like-to-like breeding. In simple terms, this means that we breed together two individuals that both have the features that we are looking for, but that are not closely related genetically. This is the breeding system used by most successful French PBGV breeders.

We breed primarily for our own needs, picking only the best, most promising prospects from each litter to represent the breed in the show ring and form the basis for future generations of Champions. In evaluating dogs for breeding, we look for sound, mature stock with a pedigree that demonstrates conformance to the ideals of the French breed standard.

And we let the results speak for themselves. Dogs we own or have bred have earned 32 Championships, four obedience or working titles, a total of 39 group firsts or placements, a Best Puppy in Show and 22 Best Puppy in Group awards. Six of our dogs have won awards at Specialties, and RareGems dogs regularly earn points over Specials. In addition to the top PBGV of 1993, our dogs have been in the top 5 (Dogs in Canada point system) several times. We also compete successfully on the American show circuit and have bred or owned more AKC Champions than any other Canadian breeder of PBGVs.

So, if you are as particular as we are about what dogs belong in the ring, if you’re looking for a show dog to also be your companion, and if you want to work with a breeder who is looking at the long term instead of the latest fad, come talk to us.